If YES, please indicate dates of employment and store location
If YES, please indicate dates of employment and store location
If YES, please indicate dates of employment and store location

Work Experience

List previous experience beginning with current or most recent position

Professional References

Please provide two business or professional references. Do not list relatives.

Education and Training

Referral Source

Additional Personal Information

Permission to Work

All hires are required to provide proof of identity and legal authorization to work in the United States.

Applicant Certification and Authorization

I certify that the facts set forth in my application for employment are true and complete. I understand that if employed, false or incomplete statements or any misleading or incorrect information given on this application shall be considered sufficient cause for dismissal. I authorize Clean Rite Center to contact any of my previous employers, as well as any other credit or reference source in order to verify facts and information that I have furnished regarding my qualifications. I hereby release from liability all persons and organizations furnishing references or other information.
I understand that the completion of this application is not to be construed as an express or implied contract of employment or guarantee leading to employment. I understand that completion of this application does not mean that there is an available position, and that use of this application in no way obligates Clean Rite Center. Furthermore, I understand that my term of employment, if hired, shall be for no definite period and shall be at-will. I acknowledge that no employee of the company other than the President of Clean Rite Center has any authority to enter into employment contracts. I understand that this application for employment will be considered active for 60 days from the date it is submitted, and that after this time a new application must be completed.